Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gradient glitter nail Tutorial

Hello again, everyone! I have another blog post coming your way! I hope you're ready and excited! Today's post is another nail tutorial. It's a very simple, but doesn't look it. It looks like you spent more time on your nails than you actually did, gotta love that. Are you ready to get into today's tutorial? Let's get into it!

If you want to see how I created this look, keep reading!

                                                 Products used:
                                  Base coat: Nail-aid, 3 Minute Artificials
                           Mint green: Rimmel 60 second, Mintilicious
                             Baby blue glitter: Sinful colors, Cinderella 
                             Chunky silver glitter: Pure ice, Dazzle me
                                   Top coat: Sally Hansen, Insta dry
                                          Wedge makeup sponge 
                     Nail polish remover: Onyx, 100% pure acetone  
    paint brush for getting off any polish that got onto my skin


Step 1: On clean dry nails, apply your favorite base coat.

Step 2: Choose what nails you want to be your accent nails ,and leave them bare. Paint all of the non-accent nails with any color of your choice. I chose a mint green.

Step 3: Apply 1 coat of a sheer glitter on all nails. I chose a baby blue color. It almost makes my mint green look like a Tiffany blue. Before moving to step 4, let your nails dry for a couple minutes.

Step 4: Apply 1 coat of a chunky glitter of your choice, and let it dry for a couple minutes. 

Step 5: Apply a second layer of the chunky glitter. I wanted a little of the blue glitter to shine through.

Step 6: Apply a little of the chunky glitter polish to the edge of a wedge makeup sponge. 

Step 7: Carefully, sponge the tips of each non-accent nail with the chunky glitter. You'll have to apply glitter to the sponge for each nail. Concentrate the glitter on the very tip, and blend it down a little. So that there is a little gradient of glitter, instead of a harsh line.

Step 8: Apply one coat of your favorite top coat. Then, using either a cotton bud or paint brush dipped in nail polish remover, clean up any nail polish that may have gotten on your skin. That's it, you're finished!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and give it a try! It's really easy, and makes you look like a pro. This is one of my go to looks when I don't have time, or just don't feel like going into a detailed look. If you're looking into getting into nail art this is a great starting place. It takes just a couple minutes, and looks amazing. If you try it, I would love to see! You can share your pictures on my Facebook page! If you want to stay up to date on what I'm doing, like me on Facebook. You can also follow me on, twitter, and instagram if you want to see even more. I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and learned something new. 
Have a blessed day, 

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